An Insight from Mark Uden, GSK

interviewWe recently caught up with Mark Uden, Head of Biopharm Process Research, at GSK to ask him a few questions about his presentation and how he thinks the industry will change over the next few years….

BioProduction (BP): Can you please give a brief overview of your key research interests?

Mark Uden (MU): The design and de-risking of quality Biopharmaceuticals fit for industrialisation

BP: What can industry gain from this?

MU: Accelerated timelines with the right molecuar APIs

BP: And what work will you be presenting at the 2013 BioProduction conference?

MU: How we systematically dissect and understand lead biopharmaceutical prior to candidate selection and full development

BP: What will delegates gain by attending your presentation and session? What is the message you would like them to leave with?

MU: Invest early in understanding Biopharm lead molecules – a stitch in time saves nine

BP: What is the No 1 challenge facing the bioprocessing industry at the moment?

MU: COGs and development timelines reductions is the perennial challenge for us all in Biopharms

BP: What was the last “breakthrough” technology you either bought or used?

MU: Aside from some low-volume, high throughput bespoke automation, I think over the last few years the introduction of SUBs have been good; escaping rigid SIP set-ups makes life a lot simpler

BP: How will the industry look in 2-3 years? What challenges will still remain/would have been overcome?

MU: In process development, I’m seeing more and more interest in automated microscale highthroughput bioreactor rigs for process development and validation

BP: What other sessions/talks are you interested in attending at this year’s BioProduction 2013?

MU: I’m always partial to the Analytical/Comparability talks – some of those look good and so I’ll be looking out for them. Plus those describing novel architectures always interest me too.

BP: Are there any articles that you would recommend the audience follow that relates to your subject area?

MU: Too many to list here – I do still like that 2011 Nature Biotech paper entitled “Acceptable changes in quality attributes of flycosylated biopharmaceuticals” – it was quite thought provoking

BP: And finally, on a more relaxed note, what did you want to be when you were young?

MU: A deep sea diver or soccer player

Thanks to Mark Uden for his insights into biopharmaceuticals and the changes he thinks are coming to the industry – for more information about Mark’s presentation, or any of our expert-led talks this year, please visit our website

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