Discovering the role of miRNAs

Interested in the advancements made in cell engineering to improve bioprocessing?

Looking for methods to increase the efficiency and fast track your upstream process whilst ensuring raw materials and quality of biopharmaceuticals?

Then read on for more information and industry findings on RNAs and cell line characteristics.

At this year’s BioProduction, Dr Niall Barron, Dublin City University, will be sharing his findings  on how non-coding RNAs are used as tools to improve cell line characteristics. His talk will be looking at the advances made in characterising their role in CHO cells and how this can be used as a potential engineering tool to improve recombinant protein production.

In his recent paper, Dr Barron touches on these findings and looks at the analysis of a range of CHO cell clones in order to discover the role of miRNAs in growth rate variation, which will then enable the biopharm industry to prioritise a number of potential miRNA cell engineering candidates.

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Coming next week, a piece on the nature and fate of HCPs during downstream processing

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