Predicting the Behaviour of Cell Clones

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This week our blog post comes courtesy of Professor Nicolas Mermod, Director Institute of Biotechnology, University of Lausanne, who is speaking on Track 1, Day 1 at 15.05

How to improve the methods for identifying and predicting the behaviour of cell clones before going into scale-up?

As part of one of most upstream steps of the pharmaceutical process, the industry has to screen hundreds of cell lines to identify the suitable clone to find one that displays the required properties. However, there is no tool which will allow you to predict reliably what the behaviour of the cell clone will be once in the bioreactor. There is a need for the industry to have one simple measurement or set of tools which will allow you to see if the clone will behave well. I hope that the combination of genome, transcriptome and proteome data associated to a particular clone will provide more predictive and reliable descriptions of their behaviour in a bioreactor.

The main question still asked is: What are the relevant parameters? This is the main question and we are not there yet

Please attend the talks from Professor Nicolas Mermod, Professor Martin Clynes, Dr Niall Barron and Professor Mark Smales who should all be touching on this important challenge at BioProduction 2013

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