What Can Industry Gain from Bioprocessing Using Animal Host Cells?


An insight from Dr. Hermann Katinger,
em.Univ.Prof., Boku Wien, CSO Polymun Scientific

We recently had a chance to discuss with Dr. Katinger about his upcoming presentation at this year’s BioProduction.

BioProduction (BP): Can you please give us a brief overview of your key research interests

Dr. Katinger (Dr.K): For 4 decades I have been involved in R&D of bioprocessing using animal host cells for the production of a wide number of glycoproteins. Basically I have a particular interest in advances of immunological research and the molecular mechanism of biological communication.

BP: What can industry gain from this?

Dr.K: New perspectives for innovative biopharmaceuticals

BP: And what work will you be presenting at the 2013 BioProduction conference?

Dr.K: I shall present a case study concerning the manufacture of a CHO recombinant natural human IgM antibody for further clinical exploitation. This IgM was originally established from blood of a healthy person and is recognising several malignant cancer cells

BP: What will delegates gain by attending your presentation and session? What is the message you would like them to leave with?

Dr.K: IgM antibodies represent extremely large and complex glycoproteins which are not very easy to produce. I want to show how we establish a manufacturing platform and create awareness that natural IgMs might have potentials to avoid or treat cancer

BP: What is the No.1 challenge facing the bioprocessing industry at the moment?

Dr.K: Stagnation of innovation of therapeutics to improve treatment of cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and chronically inflammatory diseases

BP: What was the last “breakthrough” technology you either bought or used?

Dr.K: I think it was the introduction of purification of proteins with affinity ligands

BP: How will the industry look in 2-3 years? What challenges will still remain/would have been overcome?

Dr.K: I wish that personalised medicine will develop to become more of a reality than at present. Biomarker research and epigenetics would serve as promoters

BP: What other sessions/talks are you interested in attending at this year’s event?

Dr.K: My focus will be on downstream processing

BP: Are there any articles that you would recommend the audience follow that relates to your area?

Dr.K: Publications reviewing research on innate immunity

BP: And finally, on a lighter note, what did you want to be when you were young?

Dr.K: Champion in downhill ski-racing

Thanks to Dr. Katinger for his insights into bioprocessing and recombinant antibodies – for more speaker insights and industry articles, please visit the website

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