Single-Cell Printer promises “extraordinarily high cell viability”, says cytena CEO Jonas Schoendube

Jonas Schoendube, CEO of cytena, has explained why his single-cell printer marks a step change in cell line development.

“The isolation of single cells is a prerequisite for biopharmaceutical production, especially in cell line development. Regulatory bodies request manufacturers to prove the clonality of a producer cell line,” he says.

A spin-off from the University of Freiburg, cytena has developed a patented technology specifically for the process of proven single-cell isolation in cell line development. Comparable to an inkjet printer, the Single-Cell Printer (SCP) dispenses microdroplets, which are delivered automatically to any cell culture plate.

Schoendube explains: “High-resolution microscope images of the dispenser nozzle are automatically processed. Then a cell analysis algorithm detects cells, their position, size and morphology and the system uses this information to predict the content of each droplet and print droplets containing exactly one cell. Droplets with no or multiple cells are not printed on the substrate. For each individual well an image sequence is stored, tracing the cell’s movement to the dispenser nozzle and the cell’s ejection.”

Schoendube describes how the process parameters and operator inputs are stored together with the cell images in a protected data set. “The sample is pipetted into the sterilized disposable cartridge and is not in contact with anything else before it is dispensed into the well, which prevents cross-contamination,” he adds.

“The system fits in any standard laminar flow bench to allow for subsequent long-term, sterile cell culture. The entire workflow is very gentle to the processed cells and yields extraordinary high cell viability. Clonal recovery rates for CHO, HEK and L292 cells of around 80% were observed. The printing of single-cell into a 96-well plate takes typically 5-10 min. The system holds two 96- or 384-well plates at one time,” he adds.

Schoendube will present the technological approach of cytena’s Single-Cell Printer on day two of the Cell Line Development & Engineering conference, which takes place between April 11 and 13, in Vienna (alongside the  BioProcess International European Summit). To view the full agenda and book your place click here. You can also talk to cytena on stand 57 in the exhibition area.

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