VIDEO: The Importance of an Effective Communication Strategy


At this year’s Cell Therapy Manufacturing & Gene Therapy Congress we sat down with Howard Sinclair, Strategic Director at the Prime Medical Group, to talk about the often overlooked subject of communication strategy. Nowhere is this more true than in the orphan drugs and gene therapy sector, where not having a successful communication strategy can have significant consequences on the success of a product.

Sinclair explained why this part of the process is so often neglected:

“I think if we look at the reasons why a communication plan is important, and we were to turn it on its head, we can see it’s like not to have a communication plan and what’s going to happen.

First of all, you’re probably not going to have a coordinated approach to your communications, so everything will be at sixes and sevens in terms of the people you really want to focus on. Secondly, they’ll be getting very mixed messages – and you might not even be getting through to the right people. We’re also constantly aware that in this IT society there is an information overload, so we really have to make the information that’s relevant stand out.

From the company’s approach there is no use having a broad splatter gun approach. You might be able to get away with it in other areas of medicine, but in this area of medicine where there is very limited numbers of patients, you clearly need a very focused approach. You really have to do the homework in advance; i.e. develop the communication strategy and plan so that you know who you should be targeting and basically get a ROI you put into the communication programme.”

Watch the full in-depth interview with Sinclair where he expands upon this point and answers other important questions surrounding this overlooked issue.

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