Be in or be out: Continuous Processing of Biopharmaceutical Proteins with Günter Jagschies

At BioProcess International Conference & Exposition West in Oakland, CA, we sat down with Günter Jagschies, Senior Director of Strategic Customer Relations in the BioProcess Division at GE Healthcare Life Sciences, to discuss continuous processing.

Dr. Jagschies explains the benefits of continuous and what technologies are making companies more receptive to the process. For him, the scale of operation is a clear advantage; you can essentially produce the same quantity of product in a bioreactor 1/5 of the size, which reduces not only the capital expenditure, but also the footprint.

Dr. Jagschies adds that having the living organism in a steady state environment that is less artificial than a fed batch operation also improves the quality of the product.

Watch the full interview with Dr. Jagschies above, where we also delve into the difficulties of implementation and the technologies that would facilitate change.

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