Mixing Dynamics in a Large Volume Single Use Mixer

As Product Manager for Single Use Mixers at GE Healthcare, Sam Gundala has spent more time than most considering mixing dynamics and the effect of tank shape.

Speaking at the BPI Theatre he described how his team approached single use mixer design, including impeller quantity and salt settling and dispersion:

“The key intent of this study is to come up with the design solution for when you are designing a large volume single use mixer. A year ago when we started the project the challenge we had in front of us was “what should be the tank shape when you’re designing a large volume single use mixer?”. The challenge is not that easy as it is a single use operation and you need to have a bag in it for easy bag handling and also for better mixing.

During that point the key tool that we used to make this decision is computational fluid dynamics because you do not have the luxury to build different tank shapes and test them to finalise your design criteria.

This tool was used to evaluate different tank shapes, and we looked at five tank shapes in our project. Though this study predominantly focused on understanding which shape is best for large volume mixing, we also looked at the number of impellers you put for a large volume mixer.”

To find out more about the project, listen to the full podast below.



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