Product Podcast: Kuhner Shaker SB10-X Orbital Mixed 2L-12L Single Use Bioreactor

At our last Bioprocessing International Conference in Boston, Kuhner Shaker took to the product stage to introduce their new Kuhner Shaker SB10-X Orbital Mixed 2L-12L Single Use Bioreactor and to talk us through their poster.

Talking through their product, here’s what they had to say.

“Why is another single use disposable needed? Most groups when they come out of their shakers, and finish with their tubes or large flasks are going into rocked bags.So why do another 10 litre scale single use disposable? For Kuhner, what became obvious, and what some of our customers were asking for was that as you go in scale from a well plate to a tube to a flask, you’re keeping your scaling parameters consistent. So you’re doing orbital shaking, then orbital shaking.

When you make that transition to a rocked bag, you’re are now introducing a totally new modality. And what we have learnt from our customers is they have asked from something a little more predictive of their small scales. So the rocked bags have a different modality than an orbitally shaken vessel and it can be difficult to get a culture you have had success with in the flask scale to make that transition into the larger scale disposable.

What we are proposing, and have built is essentially a vessel that keeps apples to apples. if you can run it in a flask then you can run it in this single use. So, it’s the same shaking mechanism, the foaming does not change, your media doesn’t need to change. So it is a very simplistic way to scale up to the 10L working volume without having to go through a whole change in mode.”

To find out more about the product, listen to the whole presentation below in conjunction with the poster .

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