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We’ve gathered together a list of the who’s who in cell therapy, drawn from those working on the latest and greatest discoveries in the industry. These are the movers and shakers in cell therapy and regenerative medicine right now.

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The first names on the list are Cecilia Götherström and Lyn Chitty for breaking new ground in brittle bone disease.

News of Cecilia Götherström and Lyn Chitty’s plan to inject stem cells into live fetuses in order to combat brittle bone disease blew up in the mainstream media in early October 2015. However, this research wasn’t as entirely new as the press might have had you think. In fact, as Götherström explains on the Karolinska Institutet website (where she is a senior researcher): “The oldest child to have received the treatment is now 13 and is performing better than expected and is still growing.”

The one thing that is now different is that the stem cells will be injected into unborn babies this time around. 30 babies will be tested in the study, half will receive stem cells before birth, the other half after.

Lyn Chitty, Professor of Genetics and Fetal Medicine, Consultant in the Fetal Medicine Unit at University College Hospital, is a global expert on prenatal diagnosis and fetal abnormalities. She is responsible for the creation of fetal size standards that are now in use in the UK as well as other countries. Her role in the trial is to carry out genetic testing to search for the defects that lead to brittle bone disease.

Download the complete eBook here

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