Podcast: High viscosity TFF cassettes

At BPI West, MilliporeSigma took to the Product Stage to showcase their new high viscosity TFF cassettes. They explained:

“Why do we need the high viscosity TFF? If you’re not familiar with the TFF (Tangential Flow Filtration) cassettes, they are used for the clarification, concentration, purification of the fluid strains.

Currently there is an increasing call from the market for a new TFF device that can handle really high viscosity or high concentration fluids. The current market trend is towards injectable drugs over the use of an IV, as it has a lower cost, takes less time, and less resources for administration of the drugs.

The current trend is also for injectables that only requires several grams of the drug with high concentration and also the new delivery devices, the new needles and syringes make it possible that you can inject high viscous drugs like … with the current technology. So all the market trends are asking for high viscosity of drugs and we see more and more pharmaceutical companies trying to make 25-30% poise or more than 30% poise fluids.”

Listen to the full recording below.


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