LISTEN: Melema Single-Use Mass Flow Meter

In the latest product podcast, Alan Young, CTO of Malema Sensors in California takes you through their family of single use flow meters, and for anyone who is using a flow meter right now or may need one, I think you’ll find this very interesting.

“The flow meter family we have developed is specifically designed for biopharmaceutical/ bioprocessing applications. The flow meter we’ve developed is made entirely of peak it’s, gamma sterilisable. It’s suitable for a variety of flow applications and most importantly the single use flow meter is based upon the Coriolis principle which can measure the rate of mass flow of liquids independently of a fluids composition or physical or chemical properties  meaning the accuracy is unaffected by density or viscosity.

The sensor behaves like it’s a tuning fork, so under a no flow condition the two tubes are vibrating relative to one another, but when flow is present the tubes twist a small amount and we can measure this twist very precisely and it relates directly to mass flow rate again independently of a liquids physical or chemical properties. These are some summary specifications. If you check our poster number 29 you can see more detailed specifications.

The specs to focus on is the accuracy which is ±1% of rate over a very wide flow range and the sensor when it is packaged in application is designed to mount into a  cradle. There may be tubing and bags connected to the sensor and we‘ve had some customers who’ve requested a handle be placed on their for ease of carrying. The entire sensor element is gamma sterilised and disposable, and has very little metal in it. So it can be used in single use whether it is used at a frequency of a day or a week or a month.”

Listen to the full podcast below in conjunction with their product poster.

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