PODCAST: Optimal application of high area pleated devices for sterile filtration

Taken from our 2016 BPI West Theater presentation from Millipore Sigma on the topic of ‘optimal application of high area pleated devices for sterile filtration.’

In the abstract for their talk, Millipore Sigma explain that pleated formats are commonly used for sterilising grade membrane filters, and a wide variety of pleat configurations are possible and high density pleat geometries can allow for a high membrane surface area to be contained in a compact filter size.

They go on to give the advantages of a high pleat density which is greater device robustness and improved resistance to hydraulic stress. However, a high pleat density can also cause flow restrictions to and away from the membrane surface, which can result in an inefficient utilisation of the contained membrane area.

What Millipore Sigma have done is create an economically optimised design where there will be a balance between high membrane area density and efficient utilisation of the contained area.

“In this work, a so-called M-pleat pattern was demonstrated to provide up to 100% more membrane area than a conventional pleat pattern. This pleat design is most appropriate for mid to high plugging streams, in which the membrane is the dominant resistance to flow, and resistances external to the membrane are minor. A model was developed for predicting device productivity efficiency as a function of the filtration properties of the filtered stream. This model can be used to assess which applications can most benefit from high area pleated devices and which applications may be best served using conventional pleat configurations.”

For more information, listen to the podcast below.

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