Pricing and Reimbursement in the Gene Therapy Market



Speaking at the most recent Cell Therapy Manufacturing & Gene Therapy Congress, Alec Orphanidis, Senior Vice president, Global Commercial Operations at UniQure, gave us his thoughts on the pricing and reimbursement in the gene therapy market space.

Alec starts by giving the overall setting of the industry, “You’ve made it through the research, the clinical development side, consultations with regulatory bodies all the way through to approval, but there is the last step – we brought them this far – how do we get them over that last hurdle to where they are reimbursed?”

In our interview with Alec, he explains how getting over the final hurdle can be a challenge. Whether this is because of the complexity and the high price of the drug referred to as the “sticker shock”, or if it is because of the regulatory challenges, each presents a unique challenge.

To get a full and detailed picture of this part of the gene therapy landscape, watch the above video.


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