Building a Sustainable Academic Engine for Feeding Derisked Assets into the Biopharmaceutical Pipeline

Stanford is an engine for innovation” – David DiGiusto

Stanford has a vast pipeline of cell and gene therapy applications or products that are wishing to move their way to the market. David DiGiusto, Executive Director of Stem Cells & Cellular Therapeutic Operations at Stanford University, joined the Stanford team to develop the infrastructure to translate those cell and gene therapy products to the clinical initially, but ultimately to develop those products as the standard of care treatment for a variety of diseases, including; cancer, immune disorders, monogenic diseases and regenerative medicine.

The infrastructure built around manufacturing and clinical facilities has been quite impressive to date. Aside from that, Stanford has also been developing the staff and paradigm by which they select products to move towards the clinic, as well as the way in which they partner and reinvest any revenues from partnerships into the discovery engine to keep the cycle going.

Hear more of the exciting work being done at Stanford from David DiGiusto in this exclusive interview… 

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