Exclusive Insights into BPOG

An interview with Lars Hovmand-Lyster of Novo Nordisk

Lars Hovmand-Lyster, Senior Engineering Specialist at Novo Nordisk sat down with the KNect365 team to discuss what led to his participation in BPOG, the issues that arise when discussing private matters between the various companies, the willingness companies have to share experiences & best practices, and the advantages that being part of such a group has for Novo Nordisk.

In this interview, Lars discusses how working with BPOG is a way to harmonize and discuss issues about [in his worksteam] room classification and viral segregation. He continues on to mention that BPOG both challenges his own thoughts about how Novo Nordisk does things, but it also helps to hear what others companies are doing [in a more informal way]. The group provides members the possibility to discuss major industry issues without compromising their confidential processes.

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