CDMOs & Cell Therapy Companies

A look at the evolution of regenerative medicine.

“The major gap between the cell therapy company and the CDMO is the experience in cell therapy manufacturing. The GMP environment for aseptic processing is very difficult/challenging and this is the expertise that resides with the CDMOs.”

In this interview, Ohad Karnieli, CEO of ATVIO Biotechnology and CTO/Co-Founder of Karnieli Ltd. explores the challenges that CDMOs (contract development and manufacturing organizations) need to address with Cell Therapy companies, what those challenges reveal about the evolution of the regenerative medicine industry, whether cell therapy start-ups should partner with CDMOs, and what the Israeli ecosystem means for ATVIO.

When discussing the collaborations between CDMOs and cell therapy companies, Dr. Karnieli mentions how there needs to be overlap between the different companies in order to bridge the gap and create better processes. To listen to all insights Ohad Karnieli presented us with, watch the full interview above.


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