Breakthrough Technologies in Cell and Viral Therapies

BPI West: Day 1 Recap

“The future disruption of therapeutic modalities is closer than we think.” – Uwe Gottschalk

In Track 3, Late Stage Process Development & Commercial Launch Preparation, for a standing room only crowd, the featured presentation was given by Uwe Gottschalk, Chief Scientific Officer at Lonza. This track was developed to help attendees learn best practices to apply new technologies used by industry leaders to mitigate risk, improve product quality and ensure regulatory compliance for promising biologics. This exciting presentation included discussions around; T-Cell based cancer treatments, an overview of allo vs. auto, the challenges in scaling of products, the need for automation, disruptive technology and much more.


A few of the key points that stuck out during the talk was that the industry should learn from the many lessons taken over the past 25 years in mammalian cell culture and apply to allogeneic despite the different needs of cells. The big challenge appears in moving to larger scales for the success of these products. What will the future look like? How do we scale such products?

Gottschalk continued on to discuss disruptive technologies that are leading the industry at the moment, and will be in the near future…

3 examples of disruptive technologies;

  • Exosomes — next wave, “like Swiss knives” there are many possible applications
  • mRNA/gene therapy/PSCs
  • Cell editing/CRISPR


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