Round-up: Cell Therapy Manufacturing & Gene Therapy Digital Week

Last week we hosted the inaugural Cell Therapy Manufacturing & Gene Therapy Digital Week. An agenda of seven live webinars covered a range of the hottest topics in the industry, led by leading life science thought leaders from GSK, ISCT, Cell Medica and many more.

Every session is now available to watch on-demand at the links below. If you registered for the live event you can watch the on-demand sessions with the same login details, or if you haven’t yet registered it only takes 10 seconds. 

Community interaction

Over the course of the week there were dozens of questions and hundreds of responses to polls from live audiences.

GSK’s Dr Takis Athanasopoulos’s session acted as a state-of-the-industry exploration of taking cell and gene therapies from discovery to manufacturing and commercialisation. A number of polls asked some of the burning issues in the industry – look out for a post next week devoted to the results.dw-polls

A live Q&A session with each speaker followed the presentations and over 50 questions were asked, with the following offering a flavour of what was covered:

  • What are the main limits today in the application of cell therapy as a standard of care?
  • Do you see a shift from the traditional large scale bioreactors to smaller scale bioreactors as therapies keep evolving?
  • What is the best way to get over the capital costs associated with process closure?
  • How much money should one expect to allocate to the regulatory approval process for developing an orphan drug?
  • What does the next-generation process look like for vector and cell manufacturing?
  • What single-use technology does not exist today that would help cell and gene therapies?

Register now for seven hours of free on-demand webinars at the Cell Therapy Manufacturing & Gene Therapy Digital Week hub 

The BioProcess International Digital Week is taking place on May 1-4, 2017. Register here.

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