How GE Healthcare are implementing new cell therapy technology to develop a fully automated and integrated system

‘The Xuri Cell Expansion System W25…is heavily adopted within the T-Cell Expansion System which enables our customers to grow up significant doses of T-Cells in a functionally closed environment. We are working with our customers to further connect the Upstream and Downstream.’ George White, Commercial Leader of Cell Therapy from GE Healthcare, outlines the positive acquisitions they have recently made that will assist their customers in implementing successful cell therapy systems.

GE are currently looking to the future of T-Cell therapy technologies to develop harmonised partnerships that will facilitate and allow their customers to implement fully automated and integrated systems. White highlights the ‘amount of effort and resources [GE] put into developing protocol and applications, specifically for T-Cell manufacture,’ that lead to the close relationships they have with their customers who look for a ‘complete solution.’

The ‘wealth of data and knowledge’ White emphasises, is what he believes sets GE apart from their competitors and existing products on the market. The added ability to monitor devices externally and ‘apply some of the automation protocols’, such as the use of dissolved oxygen as a surrogate for cell density, are enabling customers ‘to get their processes more automated and integrated’.

The current flagship Xuri Cell Expansion System W25, demonstrates a manufacturing process which provides the user with a closed system to assist cell therapy production. White demonstrates the company are considering all angles of the product, conscious of  the necessity of reagents in its use. Their recent deal with Stem Cell Technologies will allow them to bring in the necessary media components, as well as Cytokines, ‘which are a Xuri product in itself’. They are managing to look at a ‘complete solution’.

Their recent acquisitions, such as Biosafe in Geneva, offer ‘fantastic technology that has been well adopted into the cell therapy space in cord blood and regenerative medicine’. This is another step that White believes will assist their customers in developing cohesive systems for T-Cell manufacturing. It is only one example of recent developments that allow the company to look forward, whilst maintaining the philosophy of GE Healthcare.

Watch the full interview, filmed at Cell Therapy Manufacturing & Gene Therapy Congress, with George White above or here.

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