The importance of creative solutions in cell therapies

Pim Hermans, Director of Ligand Discovery at Thermo Fisher Scientifics, emphasises the importance of the symbiotic relationship Thermo Fisher has with their customers. For Hermans, this was key for their breakthrough product – ‘affinity products…for purification of biotherapeutics’ – which has been ‘really adopted by the industry’. It is widely used in the manufacturing of medicines, ‘especially in the gene and cell therapy field’. His example is the current use of AAV, which is now being used in ‘manufacturing at a large scale’.

By seeing customers as partners, Hermans’ philosophy is that ‘together we can make our products to suit the needs of their molecules’. He is confident in their ability to produce intuitive products and ‘do the best we can to provide the solutions’. He acknowledges ‘it can be challenging, but we are there to face those challenges together to try to solve problems to make good products’. This has been paramount to the evolution of cell and gene therapies.

Speaking of the new projects Thermo Fisher are currently working on, Hermans talks of the ‘next stage’ that will result from gene therapy evolution. He highlights the lentivirus as a new challenge, due to its nature as a more demanding viral vector, but a challenge he is eager to embrace.

Watch the full interview, filmed at Cell Therapy Manufacturing & Gene Therapy Congress, with Pim Hermans above or here.

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