Connecting Women in Bioprocessing with 3M at Biotech Week Boston

The unique Leadership Roundtable will explore diversity, opportunity for mentorship and career development with top leaders in the bioprocess industry.

View the full press release: 3M Biotech Forum Luncheon News Release

3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division (SPSD) with Biotech Week Boston are initiating a new event: the 3M Women in Bioprocess Roundtable Forum and Lunch, an opportunity for women scientists to share their work experiences with executive leadership in the bioprocessing industry.

Participants will network with pioneering leaders in the field, learn about bioprocess career trajectories, and create personal connections with women scientists and executives in a variety of companies.

The event will be held on September 27th where panelists will answer moderated questions from audience members registered for the event on the topic of pivotal career experiences and other key learnings for women in the industry.

After the event, 3M and Biotech Week Boston has created the opportunity for a mentorship program pairing attendees with executive panelists over the next calendar year. This program will connect people along all stages of career development to promote a sense of community, to inspire, and to support diversity in bioprocessing.

The event will be moderated by Sanchayita Ghose, Director, Downstream–PD, Biologics Process Development, at Bristol Myers Squibb with leadership panelists including women executives from Bristol Myers Squibb, Roche/Genetech, Regeneron and 3M.

At its core, the event is an effort to address diversity in bioprocess professions and to help scientists learn about career management from pioneers in their own field. The participating executives volunteered their time to be a part of offering this opportunity to current and future women leaders in science.

View the full press release: 3M Biotech Forum Luncheon News Release

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